Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Need A Recommendation: Blender? Mixer? Food Processor?

I need help.

I killed our blender, my mom-in-law's blender, and our mini-food processor trying to make almond butter.

What would you folks recommend?

What do I need? What would I like?

Need to make almond or cashew butter OFTEN since the boys have peanut allergies. Buying the already made butter is very expensive.

Would like to make creamy soups but that is not a need.

Would be nice to knead bread and mix dough but I do enjoy kneading bread by hand.


Here's what I'm seeing as some LONG-TERM options:

-the Vitamix blender

-the Bosch mixer

-a coffee grinder (no specific ones found via my research)

-a food processor (though I'm not sold on Kitchen Aid or Cuisinart since they've failed me b4)

Okay, give me your ideas! This will be a purchase we need to save for but I am eager to know what others know and think.


Team Whitney said...

We got the Oster Beehive Blender after checking out reviews at this site (http://www.consumersearch.com/blenders). So far, 5 months later, I am loving it. I've not made almond butter, but I have done stickier things like hummous, and it holds up fine.

Hannah said...

You may want to check ebay because I've wanted a vitamix and found you can get a refurbished one directly from vitamix on ebay with the same 7 year warranty for 100 less since its refurbished but pitcher & blades are all brand new. Just a thought. I've tried making peanut butter and it seems nut butters are too much for most ordinary blenders but I think vitamix would for sure work for that.