Monday, November 24, 2008

My Big Boy, Joshua

November 24, 2008

Happy FOURTH Birthday, Joshua Caleb!

I cannot believe you, my oldest, is FOUR years old already! No more baby! And talk about some big milestones this past year!

Joshua, little buddy, you have grown so much. I am so tickled by you sharing your thoughts with me and the endless questions you throw our way.

I can almost hear you begin a question with, "Umm, excuse me, Mommy?"

I love when out of the blue you run up to me and ask, "Mommy? How you doing?" and then after I answer, "Oh! That's good!"

I am moved when you ask me, "Ooo! Maybe we can read about that in Circle Time!"

I giggle when you say, "Ooo! Maybe we can do school today!?" refering to tracing letters or numbers.

But sometimes, Joshua, it's not what you say but what you do that most brings me joy. You are such a wonderful little boy!

I love when we go grocery shopping or to the library and you look out so well for your younger siblings. Indeed you keep better tabs on them than I do sometimes! I am so thankful for how you follow directions and constantly desire to care for your brother and sisters and fullfill your role of "big bro."

I love watching you as you read or watch something about Jesus. It is so clear to me that you really want to know more about the Savior.

I love how you move closer to me to snuggle on the couch. You are my big boy but you aren't too big to be close to your Mama!

I love how you inquire about why some people don't go to church or where is so and so's wife or the ideas you come up with to express kindness to others.

So, you are officially my big boy. No diapers. No special seat. No naps. You can do so much by yourself and as a help to me. I love you, Joshua Caleb. I thank God for allowing me to be your Mama!

And, just so we have a record of it, here are some of your favorites:

color - green

dinner - chicken nuggets or hot dogs (not salty ones!), french fries, green beans, apples, and cake.

breakfast food - oatmeal (not instant) with cinnamon, brown sugar, and apple sauce

story in the Bible - "when Jesus was born" or "Jesus on the cross"

thing to do - build with every toy, blanket, stool, and book you can find

funny phrase - Hi, Paloma! Hi, you little Chef!"
Happy Birthday, Joshua!

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Team Whitney said...

What a big smile on the birthday boy! Can't wait to see you this weekend.