Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Birthday, Saraina-bug!

November 5, 2008

To my precious Saraina-bug,

Happy Birthday, little ladybug! I am so amazed that you are only turning THREE YEARS OLD! You are such a vocal child that I can often forget just how little you still are.

There are many things I’d like to highlight in this birthday letter to you but I’ll limit it to just three different reasons why I am so thrilled and thankful to the Lord God for allowing me to be your mommy. Shall we begin?

First, you are such a worshipper. You almost always have a song in your head and a dance in your feet. You bring me such joy by bellowing out your melodic voice and the way you always get a kick out of showing others your moves. For the record, I can hear you now saying, “Mom. Mom. Mommy! Look at me. Look at me!”

The second thing I’d like to highlight is your remarkable ability and joy in playing alone. Whether it is playing with the little people on your old cloth diaper that seemed to be attached to you or how you’ll grab a Bible and sit (or stand, for that matter!) and read it, studying each picture as you suck your tongue, you are not one to get upset with having to spend a little alone time. That is evidence of the Lord gifting you to not be so easily fearful. Sweet girl, thank Him for making you that way!

The final thing I’ll share in this letter that makes yo’ mama proud is how quick you are to seek forgiveness. Little Lady, I am reminded of how wonderfully beyond my comprehension it is that God is already at work (and has been!) revealing Himself to you and drawing your little heart. O how my greatest desire is for you (and your siblings) to accept THE MOST important invitation, to see your sin and say YES to Jesus. He desires that you know Him personally yet He already knows all about you for He created you!

Thank You, Lord, for already working in our Sweet Saraina. Draw her to Yourself. May she count EVERYTHING else loss compared to knowing You, Jesus.

I love you dearly,

And here are a few pictures to share...


Team Whitney said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Waitsfam said...

We love you Saraina,

Aunt Cristina, Uncle Tim, Emily and Allison

Papa Whitney said...


You're the coolest kid on the block. You've got style, attitude, and "the dukes" to back up what you say. "Attagirl".

I think you're a top notch daughter with a lot of potential. Keep up the hard work!

Oh Saraina, I love you soooo much. Thank you God for giving us Saraina Elisabeth three years ago.

papa whitney