Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Talk About Some Great Fall Weekends

Thought I'd share a little of our fall fun that was captured on film.

First, our fam of six went to pick pumpkins for the first time. And although we got ripped off and the pumpkin patch was pretty pathetic we still enjoyed spending some family time together in the outdoors. Next time, though, I'll skip the part of trying to prepare the kids because the books we read about the pumpkin patch were NOT like our experience!

I purchased an easel from Craigslist for $10. I had to pick it up with the kiddos and though I initially wanted to get it for Christmas it wasn't something I could HIDE with them in the van! Needless to say, they've been drawing quite a bit!

Oh- and excuse my eldest who's holding himself in this picture. That's something we're trying to get a grip on. Pun intended.
This is what I ended up getting as the lady I purchased the easel from had THIRTEEN pairs of slim kid jeans ranging from size 4 to 7 that her kids couldn't fit! Score! Tremendous blessing!
Oh and how can I NOT put a pic of our THREE MONTH OLD lightweight, Sweet Pea Whitney!? For you stats-driven folk, she weighed in at 9.6 lbs 2 weeks ago. She's light and long (24 inches). A dear friend reminded me that her son, Si, weighed more at birth! God sure does make 'em all sizes!
And here I am enjoying one of my MANY sweet and cool gifts! To explain, we can't get a decent chip out here as you cannot buy UTZ potato chips in the wonderful midwest. (Don't get me started!) Knowing my love for salty chips, my sister mailed me a box full of snack-size UTZ chips. I'm going to eat one for dessert this evening! And Seve, brilliant sending snack-size opposed to one big bag as these will last much longer. Thank you!

Then on Saturday the Chi-town Whits came for a visit and we made our way to an Apple Orchard. Similar to the pumpkin experience, it wasn't what we envisioned but it was fun and memorable. And hot! And smelly. Uncle F and I stepped in some major poo that was enough to abruptly end our adventure.
Check out this forbidden fruit. Icky. I'm scratching now.
And here's my first nephew looking like he wants someone to kiss those cheeks of his!
Team Whitney... thanks for making time to visit us!
Better go for now. Perhaps I'll share more later. Thanks for reading...

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