Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spit Up

We had a family from church over on Sunday night impromptu. It was neat knowing that sixteen people could fit comfortably here. Of course, a handful of those were pretty small!

Anyway, the mom, JoDale, said something I keep thinking about. She was holding and loving on PJ and at one point Paloma Joy spit up on her. A couple of JoDale's daughters were around and quickly said, "Mom, she spit up on you."

In the calmest voice JoDale simply said, "Oh, when a baby spits up on you that just mean she loves you."

WOW! Those words keep coming back to me. I want to have that kind of perspective! My sweet little Paloma spits up a lot. And generally I get to be the target. And while I don't get angry necessarily I don't receive it a JOY either. And my littlest's middle name is even Joy!

So, JoDale, in case you happen to stumble across our blog and read this, THANK YOU! I am looking at the messy, unexpectant, generally not pleasant things that happen a BIT differently because of your words. It has made this week sweeter as I keep thinking about how the Lord is looking at various situations. I want His perspective. I want to count it all JOY as I get the honor to stay home with my munchkins all day, every day.

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sarah k said...

oh, as a mommy of distinctly spitty-uppy babies, I so sympathize with you! I am going to file that perspective away for the future. :) It is so funny how many people will come up to me and point out that B. has spit up (though he doesn't do it as much anymore--reason for praise!) and I will look at the little dab of baby puke and think, "you have no idea. That's NOTHING!" :)