Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Papa Works the Deals

I asked William if he'd make a CVS run for me today and being the gracious Hubby who loves his wifey, he agreed with a smile. Upon leaving this morning I handed him my shopping list, CVS card, my earned extra bucks from a previous week, and two coupons.

Wanna know how he did?

Well, I anticipated he'd spend just under $2.50 (including tax) out of pocket to purchase the following sale items:

One 14-18 count Always Infinity (what every Hubby wants to get for his wife!)
One 32 oz Glaceau Vitamin Water
Two 4.6 oz Colgate Max with beads

So, he got the above PLUS a pack of Starbursts (for him, of course!) and paid a grand total of $0.11! Somehow one of the toothpastes rang up on clearance for 89 cents!

AND he walked out of there having earned $13.27 in Extra Bucks for our next week's purchases! Gotta love a man who can work the deals roll the Extra Bucks over!

Good job, Papa! And thank you for always being willing to help your pathetic wifey out! I love you, my Vanilla Shake!


chad from md said...

Love the vanilla shake comment. Classic.

Katie said...

Ok, now seriously...I've got to learn how to do this! Can you teach me, Kia?