Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are You a Caregiver?

This is random but I thought I'd share it anyway. If you are a caregiver you can get CASH BACK for the supplies you use.

What's a caregiver? Someone who takes care of someone or themselves. And moms with little ones count as caregivers! Seriously.

So, if you buy Huggies (not my prefered brand, but I do buy the Pull-ups when on sale and when I have a sweet coupon to stack it with!!!), you can submit your receipt and get $1 back for EVERY PACK you buy! For example, this week at CVS you can get Pull-ups on sale for $9.99 minus a $2 coupon from recent circulars and buy a minimum of $25 on select baby items and get $10 in CVS Extra Bucksm (money you can use your next visit).

Wanna know the details? Go to the Caregiver Marketplace for more info and to sign up.

Yet another blessing of how the Lord provides for those who provide for others... including our little babies.

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