Friday, October 24, 2008

Things I Never Imagined - Take 2

This post is a sequel to THIS POST.

Things I never imagined... (in no particular order)

20. liking yogurt

19. thinking a kid sucking their thumb could be so stinkin' adorable! See for yourself:

18. teaching someone how to wipe themselves after going potty

17. clipping coupons and LOVING it!

16. driving a minivan

15. anticipating needing a 10-passenger van "one day"

14. buying sweet cereal (Can you tell I'm married to a a guy with a sweet tooth?)

13. sewing curtains (go HERE to see my first sewing attempt!)

12. making my own spreadable butter (go HERE for the simple recipe)

11. having peace about having someone outside our fam live with us

10. not having a dishwasher (and it's not that bad!)

9. having a semi holding a crane pull up outside my bedroom window before 6:30am.

8. regetting not taking typing in high school

7. being one of those coupon freaks who you dread getting behind at the store

6. being one of those people who I use to make fun of shopping at CVS or Walgreens with a big ole shopping cart!

5. how meaningful it is to have your child cry out to you to be held and comforted

4. how quickly I become angry when a child cries out to be comforted in the middle of the night because I just want ease/sleep.

3. what a joy it is hear your child recite Scripture or worship God through song

2. having my child ask me (or their Daddy) "What you read about today in your quiet time?"

1. how wonderful it is to see my sin and KNOW that I am forgiven!

What's something you never imagined????


Team Whitney said...

I never imagined being joyful (sometimes) while walking our wide-awake son around our condo at 2 am.

Cara said...

I never imagined what a challenge it would be to accomplish the simple task of grocery shopping with small children! Then again, I also never imagined the joy of feeding my children healthful, nourishing meals and seeing them grow so big and strong.