Friday, September 19, 2008

I Love FREE Stuff!

Since I began my venture into learning how to play the coupon / grocery game, I've been VERY pleased to save a wee bit of cashola by getting freebies. So far I've gotten:

~ a Betty Crocker mini microwavable dessert (which came in handy to give my Hubby after a late meeting - though he said it wasn't very good)
~ 2 mailings of free Kotex products
~ a mini Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (which has been on my list to buy but hasn't been on sale so I could stack it with a coupon!)
~ a Dora potty training kit by Pampers
~ Cascade complete
~ True Lemon and Lime packets (very good, by the way!)
~ Pull-ups Big Kid Central DVD

And those are just the ones I'm remembering we've received! All FREE and came with decent coupons!!!!

I'm looking forward to getting the following free stuff soon:

~ a Dark Chocolate Kashi cookie
~ Seattle's Best coffee sample
~ Huggies GoodNite sample
~ Pledge multi-surface wipes
~ Gorilla glue
~ Dagoba seeds for planting next spring

So, if you're like me and like trying new things and getting products in the mail all for FREE, check out THIS link. And THIS link is my main go-to for freebies and coupons. (Thanks, Eener!) You just may begin to LOVE checking the mail!

And, Father, thank You for providing that Mr. Clean eraser! You know that I've been wanting to get that crayon off our walls for some time. You truly are the giver of EVERY good and perfect gift. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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Team Whitney said...

I've got that Mr. Clean coming in the mail, too! And the Kashi cookie (though I also got a free box of them through that Target deal you let me know about--thanks). I check out this site for freebies, too (though I am sure you already know about it -