Monday, September 15, 2008

the Harvest

We are eating lots of tomatoes thanks to the Lord blessing our small attempt at planting a garden. Our big beefstakes are such a treat and remind us of God's sustaining power.

You see, the tomato plants are yielding much not because of what we did or didn't do but because of His mercy and grace alone!

And can I just tell you that these tomatoes are so reminding me that anything "good" I do or say or accomplish is all a gift from Him! No matter how hard I work at something, trying in my own strength to pull weeds, without God intervening my toil is not going to produce a good harvest.

Last night I was able to walk across the street and deliver some tomatoes to our Spanish-speaking neighbors. And though a language barrier still exists, the tomatoes spoke for themselves! How neat is that!

So, Lord, thank You for this tomato harvest. I remember the kids and I planting those tomatoes seeds on our dining room table in the winter and us praying for You to allow them to grow for Your glory. I do the same now for our kiddos. May each of them grow increasingly more aware of their sin and trust You alone for salvation. Remind me daily that just like these tomatoes, You alone created them, sustain them, and allow them to bring You glory.

P.S. If you live nearby and want some beefstakes, let me know!

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