Friday, September 19, 2008

Cooking Tip - Spreadable Butter

Okay, I've tried (pretty hard!) to switch to margarine from butter as a way of cutting costs. Let's get real. Margarine is REAL cheap and well... butter is NOT! I'm cool with margarine for making a quick grilled cheese sandwich and I use it a lot on the kiddos sandwiches because the boys are allergic to egg (i.e. no mayo) but when I started baking my own bread I found out just how much the real deal stick of butter can make!
But I've also not enjoyed having a nice, homemade slice of bread with a square of cold butter sitting, lonely and out of sorts in the middle of my treat. What's a cheap girl to do? Well, how about make my own spreadable, soft butter?!?!?

The original recipe I found was really quite simple. You can go HERE to see it yourself. But I was a bit nervous about it and tweaked it, not wanting to ruin TWO entire sticks of butter. Yes, I told you I was cheap!
I halved the recipe, eye-balled the oil and water amounts and decided at add honey to some of it. The result was a deliciously smooth, sweet spread on my wheat bread that can really help your butter last!

Let me know if you try it!

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