Thursday, August 21, 2008

Working the Deals

William and I snuck out to Walgreens and Target so I could work some deals. (Pause. Aunt B! Thanks for letting us sneak out!) These are our freebies...

Yes! Couponing COMPLETELY works! In fact, it's really AMAZING that you can actually get things for FREE!!!! Yippeee!!!! Wait. We are actually MAKING money from these items! The Johnson's Buddies soap earned was $0.94 and I used my $1 off coupon making it FREE. The All (only 2 oz) was $0.99 and I used another $1 off coupon making that FREE. And the Pert was $3.79 but has a rebate of $3.79. Oh, and since I used my $2 off coupon it was actually FREE plus overage! Hee hee!!!

Side note. William's not 100% sold. He wants us to go back to Target to work this sweet deal of buying five 12-packs of soda for $15 and use five-$1 off coupons. AND this one transaction earns you a $5 gift card to Target making each 12-pack of soda only cost $1 (after coupons and gift card)!!!!! We'll have to see if the Lord provides time for us to swing back to Target before the sale ends! William's so excited about trying this that I think he going to MAKE time for it!

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