Monday, August 18, 2008

Pathetic Mama Blogger

Clearly I'm not out to win any blogging awards but I am bummed I have not been better at updating this (or our Hearts of Graditude) blog. I've got a ever-growing list of entries I've begun which end up being so outdated I simply delete them.

What's a Mama blogger to do? Make a change, of course. I'm going for SIMPLICITY. My goal is to share ONE tidbit as often as I can and save those lengthy update blogs for monthly. Or so I say this evening!

Shall I begin? Here's my new entry...

Lately I've been seeing this face a lot...

The dude is super at sticking out his bottom lip, pouting, and showing the world his displeasure.

But, wait! Here's the look that really gets me going...

I can almost see her at two years old doing the same thing (but not letting out gas!).

Moments like the ones captured in these shots are gifts from the Lord to help me remember just how good it is to be loved by Him.

Oh no. I've already messed up my new blog thing. I shared TWO tidbits. Oh well!

1 comment:

Team Whitney said...

So precious!!! Now we just have to get Hamilton a blazer so he and cousin Kadin can match.