Friday, August 08, 2008

A (not-so brief) Update (take two!)

Blogging is tough to do lately. But it has helped me so much in remembering significant (and not-so significant) things that have happened in our lives. I have gone through my blogistry trying to find out just what transpired in the not-so distant past and have had my faith freshly revived many times. So, here's a (not-so brief) update probably more for my benefit than yours! And for those who are just looking for pics, God-willing, this weekend!

Papa Whitney:

-his bday is approaching (8/9) and he'll be the big 3-3!
-enjoying being a daddy of four though he often says, "Hey. Is it me or am I driving the short bus sometimes?"

-he's been maintaining our old house, inside and out, and keeping up with the many demands (water leaking into our office for the 2nd time, putting in ceiling fans, buying a new window for one of the back room windows, constant yard work, and much, much more

-encouraging me in my new role of "mama of four" and making fun of my "new" interests (namely playing the coupon / grocery game - possibly another blog entry no time to write!)

-very busy at work, yet he says often (this week, in fact) that if he didn't work there he'd miss his co-workers. (Nothing different there! He still misses peeps down at V-guard in MD. He's such a softie!)

-has gone to the chiropractor for a consultation and (dare I say) is thinking there is something really valid with their approach! (We found out that Papa is crooked! Literally, one shoulder blade and hip are higher than the other ones!)

Mama Whitney:
- grateful to be this side of the pregnancy as it is so sweet holding, smelling, and caring for our sweet Paloma Joy

- learning the tricks to CVSing

- excited about homemaking. Yes, you heard me right! I'm growing and seeing the importance of homeMAKING versus just homeMANAGING. (See THIS post to see what I used to think about homemaking!) That said, I don't have any taste, $$, or energy to devote to that area! So I have no iea what I'm really excited about.

- trying to menu plan (and STICK to it) as well as lower our grocery bill. For a bit of accountability I'll share with you out there my goal. I'm trying to lower my spending by ~$10/week (really $45/month). Minor step which could have a significant outcome. I'll let you know how I do.


- is such an oldest child! He is a wonderful big bro to PJW. He likes putting her pacifier in her mouth, often tells me whether she is hungry or wants a particular toy, and just wants to hold and kiss her.

- continues to need "warm-up time" when around anyone who does not live with us.

- has an exceptional memory! I always get a kick when he says, "I remember when..."

- asks millions of questions and is oddly attracted to basement, attics, and pipes. It must be a boy thing.


- All girl, loves dolls, purses, and playing dress up

-reads constantly

-can entertain herself for hours

- has no desire to wear undies or a pull-up

Kadin the Manimal (as in man-animal):

- LOVES kissing on PJW. He is constantly saying, "Baybee! Baybee" and then kissing all over her with his wet kisses. He is enjoying being a big brother and loves doing whatever he can for her.

- is the most affectionate yet dangerous child!

Paloma Joy:

-4 weeks old (will be one month on Saturday, 8/9, her Daddy's 33rd bday) already

- Rolled over 2 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon after Daddy put her on her belly for a nap. All at the ripe age of 19 days old! I was stunned. Sweet P (my new nickname for her) is a strong gal. She has rolled over probably 3 more times since then.

- Has taken to a schedule without much fuss. Okay, she fusses when I try to keep her awake. The girl would seriously sleep ALL day... still. I realized last weekend that if I wanted to survive, I NEEDED a schedule as the big kiddos need me too!

Other special news to share:

AND... a big shout out and (late) welcome to Bethany, aka Aunt B, who moved in on Saturday! We have not had time to really tell peeps about this. Here's the very short version. She's a friend from church and care group who is desiring to bless and serve our fam as we hope to bless and serve her by having her stay with us for this coming year. We are off to a great start! Bethany has her own blog that you are most welcome to check out HERE.

Some of the things the Lord has provided for us and Bethany are:

- Bethany and I can meet regularly for accountabilty and to pray for one another. And this, friends, is HUGE! Nothing like another set of eyes and ears in addition to someone else asking you the hard things to help you grow in your walk with the Lord!

- William and I get out once a week for a date night (never imagined this being possible till the kiddos were of age to stay home alone) and Bethany will babysit for us. It's cute how the kiddos already adore her and ALWAYS ask about her. Joshua, in particular, is very concerned about whether or not she has eaten or will be hungry!

- Bethany is excited to clean this old, filthy house! You have no idea how dirty our kitchen floor is! Well, perhaps I should say how dirty is USED to be. Bethany's mopping as I write this!

- Bethany currently teaches ESL to refugees and speaks fluent Spanish and will teach me Spanish! Yes, I've got a year to learn Spanish. I'm trusting God to extend much grace!

- The ultimate goal of Bethany living with us (as we see it, at least) is to allow her to get back on the mission field as soon as possible. (She spent an extended period of time living in Columbia working with kids living on the streets.) Living with us will save her money and help her get back to where she believes the Lord is calling her. It's neat when we see that we are actually supporting a missionary!

Well, that's it for now!

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