Saturday, July 05, 2008


This week was full of waiting. Getting those "you haven't squeezed that baby out yet?" comments has made it even more interesting. Today we all went to Costco and a lady actually looked at my belly and then me and said, "You're having your fourth?" I smiled and said, "Yes." She then changed her look of shock to disgust and said shaking her head, "You're crazy. I almost stopped at one." All that to say, waiting has been everything but boring!

In all seriousness I have struggled a lot with the details surrounding the birth of this baby. The actual labor and delivery doesn't phase me, I am full aware of Scripture saying we'll give birth in pain. My concern has been over my other kiddos. We had two close calls in the past and while I love my husband, I don't want him to deliver our child! So, I've been fighting anxiousness by reminding myself of God's faithfulness in the past and that He loves and cares for our kiddos WAY more than I ever could dream of doing so. Thankfully my sister arrives for a 10-day visit on Tuesday and that means I don't have to worry about what to do with the other kiddos!

As for stats, I saw the midwife on Thursday for my 38-week visit and she said I was about 1.5 inches which was VERY encouraging as I've never progressed in the past till the very end. I've had lots of middle of the night worries that my water broke. My water broke for the first two and I know how messy that can be!

And because I am not into blogging lately, I'll end with some pics that show you just how we've been spending our time waiting for the newest member of our fam to arrive!

We rode bikes. Joshua got a new big boy bike (16") and had lots of fun learning how to work the brakes. Saraina upgraded to his old one which was way too little for him. And I even got to take a spin on my bike. First time I rode a bike in 4 years! Probably not the greatest thing to do when you're 38-weeks pregnant. But it sure felt good!

On July 4th we ate breakfast and walked downtown to see the city parade. It's great living so close! It was a solid walk for us though and by the time we got there and set up camp to watch, Saraina kept saying, "I want to walk!" over and over while Joshua complained, "I not having fun. I want to go home." On our walk home we were able to enjoy an air show though.

And the kids were able to enjoy playing in our slightly bigger pool. And then they decided to water our garden with the water from the pool. Great idea, kiddos! Kadin was not too interested in gardening though. He was more into his dump truck.

The other highlight was going to Phillip's Park down the street. We visited the sunken garden, walked through the zoo, and then played at their really nice playground for quite awhile. This was the first time Daddy was able to go with us.

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