Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Paloma Joy

Today at 8pm the whitneykiddos officially expanded to four! Paloma Joy was born with a full head of hair and a scrunchy little face. She is doing well at 7.6lbs and 18". She looks very similar to Saraina, so we've decided not to post any pictures of her. Feel free to reference a past blog post to see an early pic of Saraina.

Momma Whitney is doing well, but a bit tired. It was another action packed labor and delivery. I received a call at 5pm from Kia, she seemed concerned about the fact that I was one hour away and scheduled for a night meeting. I told her to check back in a half hour but when she called back in five minutes it became clear that someone else would have to cover my meeting.

It worked out quite well and we checked into the hospital at 6:56pm. The midwife and I felt confident the baby would be born before 8pm, and I think she was, but the hospital has officially recorded it at 8pm. Oh well, ya can't have it all.

Momma took it like a pro and I respect her for her amazing birthing abilities. My wife has a tremendous threshold for pain - ya gotta love that. She didn't even break a sweat but I could tell it was burning like a hot coal. Good work Momma, way to push!

Well Paloma welcome to the blog. Pics will certainly follow soon but we didn't bring the appropriate cord for the computer, so that's all for now.

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