Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

First, to Granddad and Pop-pop, as usual, your cards from the kiddos probably did not arrive on time. I really hope to grow in this area. Please forgive my tardiness in getting them out.

We moved into our big house on the corner a year ago this weekend. And was that work! Well, perhaps we'll begin a tradition of doing work on our house each Father's Day. Here's what our Father's Day Weekend 2008 has looked like...
Daddy cutting down all the plant life outside our garage and along one side of our house to put down 2400 pounds of soil to address our leaky basement by building up the grade. That involved three trips to Menards.

And this is what the kids did while Daddy did all this hard labor...

Then came phase two. On Saturday Daddy got to work with putting the soil down and then dig a trench to lay down corrugated pipe to help our drainage system. He dug a trench 60 feet long and 6-8 inches deep!

Then I went outside to check on my man as the kiddos were napping and found out my poor, pale husband forgot to slather on the sunscreen! So here he is applying some sunscreen mid-afternoon. You gotta love a man who can sweat! Saraina kept saying, "Daddy's dirty. Daddy's dirty." Yes, Saraina. Boy of all ages get dirty. REAL dirty!Lastly, Papa had to fill in the trench. That pretty much happened today, Father's Day after a quick storm blew in making the soil nice and muddy after church!

And here is Joshua "helping" in his "My Dad is the Man" t-shirt!

And here are some other random shots...


love, joshua, saraina, kadin, and #4

Silly faces from J and S

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andrea_jennine said...

If we end up getting the house we're trying to buy, I think we're going to have to do the same thing. Maybe we can enlist William's expertise! (But we'll try to avoid asking him to work on a holiday.) ;)