Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Becoming a Wife That Prays

I read The Power of a Praying Wife four years ago. The only reason I know exactly when is because I wrote the dates in the book. Anyway, I was greatly helped by it then and the Lord has led me to pick it back up again and I have already been greatly affected.

You see, at our last care group meeting we split up into men and women (something we do often) and as I shared a struggle with the ladies they began asking me questions. One question (of many!) that greatly challenged me was, "Do you pray for William?"

CONVICTION... instantly!

Stormie says in her book that before she really began praying for her husband she would say those short, mindless prayers like, "Lord, protect him!" Well, I sure can relate.

So, I'm re-reading her book, one chapter a day for 30 days, and asking God to make me a wife that prays. If you feel led to hold me accountable or join me in this month-long adventure, email me or write comment. There is something powerfully helpful in accountability!

So far, I've read Ch. 1 (His Wife) and Ch. 2 (His Work) which focus on me praying for God change ME first and for God to bless his work and help me to encourage him in his work. Already I see a difference in my prayers! Looking forward to how God will bless this time for His glory!

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Renee said...

I was just thinking this morning of rereading that book too! I can relate to your prayers...and have been wanting to be more specific with my prayers for Gene. I'll take this as a sign from God and go pull my book out again and join you. We'll have to keep in touch and share what God's doing through our prayers for our husbands...