Saturday, May 17, 2008


We are having a mini Hubby-Wifey Retreat in a week and I'm busy compiling "stuff" for us to do. God has been kind to allow us to get away before each new baby arrives. Each time we have been incredibly blessed by uninterrupted time of being able to build-in to one another. If you and your hubby have not had any extended (meaning at least a night away) time alone in a long while, I HIGHLY recommend it!

While I think we've got MORE than enough to occupy our two-night get away, I would love to hear things you've done with your spouse that have been a blessing to your marriage.

Please share your ideas!


Katie said...

SO excited for you guys!

Josh & I haven't taken a retreat together per say, but we've done intentional times where we've gotten away together. Some of the most beneficial things that we've done were:

* Made goals for our marriage for the next 3-5 months & plans for how to accomplish them

* Wrote out ways that we saw God at work in our marriage over the past year

* Recounted what it was like to fall in love and fun memories we have of our first months courting

* Spent time trying to come up with a name for our baby (Owen wasn't even close to what we came up with)

* Read the chapters in "Love that Lasts" on biblical roles, then talked about where we see each other doing well and how we'd like to grow

* Just walked around holding hands and being in love, making sure to really enjoy one another and not stuff our time too full with planning, evaluating, etc. This was really one of the sweetest parts of the time.

May the Lord richly bless you guys as I know He will!

andrea_jennine said...

Hard to add to Katie's great and comprehensive list, but one thing Aaron and I have been enjoying lately is reading novels out loud together. Maybe you could fit in a good short story or kid's novel (like Narnia or Wrinkle in Time) on your getaway?