Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Enjoying our Time Inside and Outside

We have spent a good little bit of $$ on our backyard lately. Each week the month of April we seem to have added something to it. And what a blessing it is using our backyard this year! I have no idea how things will be once Baby #4 arrives but as of now, we are using our little backyard space and loving it! In fact, we are taking advantage of having this house! It was not that long ago when we lived on the third floor of our beloved, little condo back in MD. Sweet memories, indeed, but we cannot help but thank God for "expanding our territory!" And now, to invite the neighbors!!!!

Below please find random pics of the kids during the second part of April. Enjoy!

Daddy and Kadin. Kadin gets a kick out of talking on the play phone that came with the Clubhouse.
This sandtable has been a BIG hit! I was so nervous that I made a poor purchase. I got it from Craigslist and William got a $2.50 bag of cheap-o sand. This proves how much kids enjoy building, creating, exploring with their hands. All three play at the sandtable for a LONG time. My handy hubby hopes to build an actual sandbox later this spring/summer! Oooooo!!!!!

Kadin has gotten into coloring lately. And he also likes sitting at big bro's desk.

Outside on the Clubhouse Climber...

Just playing in the rain! Of course, they got sick after this and we had to miss church the next day. Bummer. But, what a joy to see and hear them delight in part of God's amazing world!
Hello? It's me, Saraina...


Before we got the sandtable this is what they did. They pulled up our grass and "made dinner." And this was another Craiglist find, a kid picnic table with umbrella.
Joshua mixing his food very carefully.
Saraina's turn...
We got tulips! Who knew!? Oh- and wild violets!

The first tulips in our yard were located right in front of our broken basement window. How funny is that!

More flowers...





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