Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baseball, Planting Flowers, Tulips at the Park

Ahhhh! All's quiet 'round these parts except for the sound of the dryer in the basement and the pressure cooker. All the kiddos are down for a nap. Yep. Even Joshua today. They all have a cough which I'm praying will be gone in time for church on Sunday.

Note: in the time it took me to upload these pics I had to go upstairs to discipline 2 of the 3, wipe 1 bottom, and deal with 1 injury. So much for quiet!

With a few moments to spare I thought I'd upload some pics I've been meaning to share. Enjoy!

This first set is of Joshua's first Cubs' game. He attended this big event with the Whitney Men (Grandad, Daddy, and Uncle Freeman).

Daddy and Joshua at home before the game

Joshua and Daddy at the game

Joshua with his grandad who made this event possible

Some tickles for Joshua

Smooth Uncle Freeman

Joshua experienced eating a hot dog like the big guys do... on the bun.
And since then he requests eating it this way! What improvement!

And, of course, cotton candy!!!

Dazed on the bus

The next group of pics are from a visit we had with Grammy. Grammy taught the kiddos how to plant flowers.

The next shots are of us checking out Phillip's Park down the street.

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chad said...

We miss you guys! We were just talking about missing friends tonight at dinner, and Silas said he missed Joshua and Saraina (sorry Kadin....) Hope to see you sometime!!!!