Friday, May 09, 2008

Barriers Now Opportunities

At various times this week I had interactions with people who only spoke Spanish and I really was troubled by my lack of ability to communicate with them. I desperately want to learn Spanish. Indeed, if we are calling this house 'home' for even the near-future (though we have no intentions of ever moving again) it seems it would behoove me to learn Spanish. So, I'm trusting the Lord to open up an avenue that would allow me to learn conversational Spanish.

But, let me share the interactions with you.

#1 - At the park with a friend. Two of our three are in the sandbox with some children we do not know. I look over and see an older boy gently yet pulling Joshua. Joshua pulls away in the other direction. I walk over and say something like, "What's the problem?" or "What's going on?"

The boy then stops and looks questioningly at me. Joshua's hand goes up to his lip as his eyes stare down at the sand, nervously. Both looks are familiar yet I can't figure out what the problem was or why the boy was tugging Joshua. I ask Joshua if he's being kind and he ever so quietly says a quivering, "Yes." Not sure he's telling me the truth. I ask the boy, "Is he being kind?" Finally, I hear the boy's voice say something I can not understand... at all.

Oh no! No hable espanol! (Don't laugh! I don't even know if I'm typing that correctly!)

#2 - The two little girls we've been playing smile-tag with for a few weeks are out at the same time we are. Saraina and Kadin are very intrigued and want to go up close but nervously come back quickly to homebase, me. I silently thank God for kids' curiousity for I would've stayed in my fear and not moved from my chair. But, nervously I get up. What's the fear all about? I don't like when adult strangers approach my kiddos so I just am (overly, perhaps) aware of how the Mom may feel awkward with my engaging them in a conversation and asking them to play in our yard. But, again, I quickly find out they only "hable espanol."

What opportunities I have though, Lord. Help me to be focused on You, the God of the universe who holds all things in the palm of His hand. Open my eyes to see where You are at work and increase my desire, compassion, and trust so that I can be used by You in just where You would have me. May I not miss out on the opportunities You are providing me, allowing me to join You in kingdom work. For Your glory alone!


andrea_jennine said...

I know there are several fluent Spanish speakers in church; I wonder if you could get a crash course from one of them? (Marianne, Linnea, Bethany, and probably others, too...)

Cara said...

So provoking, Kia! Thanks for sharing.