Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amazing Homemade Wheat Bread!

It's been a busy morning here in Whitneyville. We're anticipating hearing some exciting news (one day soon!) of the newest addition to the Whitney clan as Freeman and Jenny are expecting their first little one at any time! If they come to your mind, please do pray for a safe arrival for Baby Whitney and health for the new Mommy Whitney. And to F & J, in case you read this, we are praying for you guys!!!

Aside from waiting for some exciting news like that, the kiddos had an early playdate at Nat and Hanna's (our care group leaders) so that Daddy could go to work (he had a 9 am meeting) and Mama could get her back cracked (she went to her first chiropractor care session).

Now that we're all home, I'm thinking about what I think about too often... FOOD!!!!!!! And I couldn't resist sharing this AMAZING WHEAT BREAD recipe. Another recipe on Cinnamon Bread is forthcoming!)

Why is it AMAZING??? A few reasons...

1- It's ridiculously easy to make. And that's coming from me, someone who is not a baker. But I am learning!

2- It's ridicuously sweet, soft, and even delicious the next day.

3- It doesn't leave you with all this bread you've gotta figure out how to eat before it goes bad. It's a recipe for ONE loaf! Yipee!

4- It's HEALTHY!!!!

No need to make this any longer. Here's the link to the original recipe.


1- I added a BIT more brown sugar and honey. Just a smidge though. I wasn't sure it would really be sweet. But my Hubby thought is was delicious and didn't put any jam on it!

2- I messed up by adding the first six ingredients together along with the yeast. Oops! I'm bad at reading directions. Oh well! Not a first on my part. Too much going on around here.

3- I nuked my water to make sure it was warm and it was probably nuked too long. Again, oh well! The bread did come out fine.

4- I had to add a bit more flour. Likely b/c of the previous mess-ups I made!

5- My bread never doubled in size. I was worried but needed to throw it in the oven anyway b/c dinnertime was quickly approaching. I was shocked to see it rise!

Let me know if you decide to make it. It really is a great bread to serve with your dinner! I think I'll bake another loaf now that I'm thinking about it! Taa Taa!

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