Thursday, April 03, 2008

Things I Never Imagined

Pride can sure bite you in the butt. Below are some things that I can now laugh at... yet not that long ago, in my arrogance, I snubbed my nose at the idea of the things you'll see below.

Without further ado, here's my list (in no particular order) of things I NEVER IMAGINED...

20. I never imagined I would live anyplace that would look like this in late March.

19. I never imagined letting my child actually wear something like this, especially out of the house. (In case you can't see, he's wearing black, gray, & white camouflage pants with a burgundy striped shirt.)

18. I never imagined marrying a white guy.

17. I never imagined hang drying my clothes on purpose.

16. I never imagined sitting in someone else's urine, multiple times.

15. I never imagined finding a ball of poop in my clothes dryer (which also made it through the washing machine).

14. I never imagined liking homemade pizza so much.

13. I never imagined buying and wearing used clothing and loving it.

12. I never imagined how much a gift it is to comfort a crying baby.
11. I never imagined how hard it would be training kids.
10. I never imagined how a two year old could be used to expose my sin.

9. I never imagined enjoying a date night that involved picking up some items at Big Lots.

8. I never imagined not working outside the home and being content.

7. I never imagined our children not getting baths every night.

6. I never imagined buying food products that have recipes on the back for 100 plus servings.

5. I never imagined getting headaches from not drinking coffee.

4. I never imagined living in a home where our corner was also a city bus stop.

3. I never imagined being thankful for the noise that comes from lots of children.

2. I never imagined considering healthier items like turdinado and spelt flour.

1. I never imgained sharing ridiculous thoughts like these with anyone beyond my hubby.


andrea_jennine said...

What a fun post! #18 and #15 made me snicker.

bookworm said...

This post had me laughing out loud!
I must say, I am puzzled by the sitting in someones urine. I can't picture how that happens.