Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ladybug - the princess


This is the princess of the Whitney bunch. You can call me Ladybug. I am often forgotten about as I am sandwiched between two rough and tough brothers that can use some more training in how to treat ladies. Seriously! Just an hour or so ago the youngest wild animal of the bunch wacked me upside my beautiful curls with a toy hammer! Ahem. Perhaps some of you more seasoned women out there can have a chat with my Mama 'bout that at some point. Just a thought.
Anyway, I received some goodies in the mail the other day that I'd like to share with you all. And yes, I am hoping I'll receive more! I'm a little slow in learning the concept of being grateful. But aren't we all works in progress?!?!
Here's what I got:

And here's what I told my Mommy,

"Oh! It's BEAUTIFUL, Mommy! Isn't it beautiful, Mommy? It's so beautiful just like ME! Like the girl in the video!"

Note from Mama: We have no idea WHAT video she's refering to!

And here's what big bro had to say,

"Maybe Mommy can have a princess dress too!"

Note from Mama: I'm just about 99.5% certain that will NEVER happen! But God is in the business of miracles so...

I got a bunch of princess dresses and two pairs of princess shoes. And I look stunning! And here are two pictures showing my brothers' excitement. Have a good evening!


Kadin: What's the big deal? It's only a dumb dress?

Joshua: Who cares about dresses? Look! I can make a THREE in sign language!

Finally, a special word to my Auntie Seve (aka bookworm! wink! wink!)...

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