Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Brief Attempts of Homeschooling

I've been wanting something to use to give our days more structure and I've decided to kinda do the Five in a Row strategy. I say kinda because I teach like I cook, meaning I never following directions as given. I can really drive William crazy! Anyway, a friend lent me the FIAR book and I was happy to see that is wasn't anything too strenuous and that I could be as simple with it as I wanted.

So, we've started with some of the FIAR books I found listed on their website that were available at our library. The only real "challenge" is the books I'm using are from the Before Five in a Row list so it doesn't match the book at all. But, again, I can at least use it for ideas.

The first book I read to the kiddos was Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? and I was surprised that I actually liked it. In fact, I'm putting it on my TO OWN LIST.

We read it five days in a row (or at least we read it over five times) and the kids got so excited about it. It was one of those books that easily allowed for comparing and contrasting our day with Jesse Bear's.

The next book we went for was Blueberries for Sal. Now, you would think I would have read this before, especially since I taught Kindergarten, but nope. My first time reading it to the kids I refer to the child as 'he' but quickly see a different pronoun. Oops! That ended up one of those mistakes that takes days to get over as Joshua kept calling Little Sal a boy. But, hey. Can you blame me? The illustrations didn't give me any indication that SHE was really a HE!

Again, a cute book. We were able to talk about whether or not Little Sal obeyed her Mommy but I was sad Little Sal's mother never commented on Little Sal's behavior. Not a biggie. I don't expect a children's book to cover all the bases. It's another 'keeper' for me but with a slight mark against it for the lack of addressing dangers.

On our last day of reading the book I had the kiddos color a pail and then glue "blueberries" (construction paper) in their pails. After we were able to count the blueberries in each person's pail.

This is as good as my artsy nature gets. This stuff is SOOOO challenging for me! But the kids do love it.

Joshua was so excited that I was letting him handle the glue bottle all by his self. I know. Mean Mama. I usually would not let him squirt. Prior to this day, they would get a little container of some glue (probably watered down by Mama cheap-skate) to messily dip their paper into.

Saraina also did well. In fact, she did far better at gluing than Joshua did! But I think that has to do with Joshua being able to squeeze the bottle of glue a lot more aggressively than she is capable of at this point.

But she was serious about gluing her little pretend blueberries and didn't even attempt to eat the glue or the paper! Yippee!

The book we're reading this week is Ask Mr. Bear. I completely forgot to read it today. I was kinda tripped up how many vocabulary words I needed to explain to them. In my reading of the book on day 1 and 2, Kadin was awake and quite "active" making stopping often difficult. I think (if the weather is decent tomorrow) we'll first PRACTICE the new words (gallop, trot, skip).

If you've got ideas on what one can do with toddlers / those who are not yet ready to begin "official" schooling (though, aren't we teaching them since day 1?!?!?) beyond play all day, PLEASE SHARE!!!! I'm PLAYED OUT!

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