Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday!!!

There is much I would like to write in honor of your birthday but for the sake of time I'd like to focus on three reasons I am particularly thankful to the Lord for creating you.

Reason #1 - I thank the Creator for making you such a fun person to be around. Seriously, I remember all of my friends growing up loving being around you. You have this magnetic personality that instantly makes others comfortable. You truly love people and enjoy learning about them and being with them. The kiddos love the way you are so quick to get to their level and play hard. And personally I can recall many fun times eating McDonald's fries, Breyer's Vanilla ice cream, and laughing on your bed. (Of course, you always had to have a tall glass of ICE COLD water!)

Reason #2 - I thank the Creator for designing you in such a way to have you persevere through many tough times. There is no need to delineate what those "tough times" are. We ALL have them. But, I have so learned the importance of never giving up from your example and I am truly grateful.

Reason # 3 - I thank the Creator for your love of a variety of foods and your love for preparing them. That may seem dumb but I count it a blessing to have been exposed as a kid to so many kinds of good foods our Creator has given us. There are only a few things that I am reluctant to try and eat because you showed me the value in always trying something. In addition I love cooking and eating because of you. I remember spending lots of time watching you make meals and you were always quick to let me experiment in the kitchen. I remember Nikki spending the night and you letting us make menus and prepare breakfast in our "restaurant." I also remember (along with your white son!) the meal you prepared for William during our brief visit to your place on our honeymoon. (Truly, that meal was all about you showering William with love. Not me!)

So, thank you for being a passionate person who is fun to be around, perseveres, and showers those she loves with good food. May the Lord bless you allow you to grow those gifts as you use them to bring our King all the honor He is due!

I love you,
Oh, and here's a video of some of your grands wishing you a Happy Birthday as well!

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