Monday, March 10, 2008


Most of you know how much I hate hair. Well, Kadin's curls have been adorable but he's now a big ole toddler so... clip, clip, clip. And yes, I have no idea how to cut hair. But that didn't stop me!

And my hair has been in such bad shape that I tried to get it all shaved off. The owner of the salon, however, talked me into just going for real short in the back and a bit of a style in the front. She assures me that I can maintain this look without much effort. I told her before she began that I hate hair, I'm cheap, I'm pregnant, I've got 3 under three at home, and I will not be a regular customer. Sooo, we shall see.

Here's what we look like. (And, Mom, no I did not put on any make-up so my bags under my eyes remain as unattractive as ever. I probably hate make-up only slightly less than I hate hair!)

Kadin before his haircut. Bad shot. Sorry.Kadin after his cut.


andrea_jennine said...

I didn't get a chance to catch you a tell you on Sunday, but I think your haircut is stunning! It may have distracted me during worship when I glimpsed you across the room. But shh! - don't tell God I was enjoying your haircut when I should have been singing to Him! ;)

Waitsfam said...

You look beautiful. I think it's very flattering. - Cristina

Renee said...

I love the cut! I know how much you hate hair, but this hair-do looks very stylish!

mich said...

your blog post made me laugh, kia. your hair does look STUNNING!