Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Almost three weeks ago a dear friend's mom died. And in such a twist of events that only the God of the universe could order, my friend's mom received the most precious gift she would ever be offered, salvation. Sins forgiven, conscience cleansed! Life with God forever. God of All, thank you for saving her! I can only imagine what her first Easter in eternity must've been like!
So, I've been thinking about death a bit. But mostly I'm seeing how I am not thinking about it enough!

This morning I was reading the Memoir section of The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and was struck by these lines:

Man must follow him who has served and passed through this world as the living, the dying and the risen Lord. Therefore, wherever it pleases God to put man in this world, the Christian must be ready for martyrdom and death. It is the only way that man learns faith.

Bonhoeffer's standing with God in his hour of grieving explains, ultimately, why he did not take his own suffering seriously and why his courage was so great and uncompromising.

What am I learning? That I believe my "suffering" (and I shudder at the truth that I actually think it is suffering!) can even begin to be compared to the suffering our Lord and Savior experienced on the cross. I am also seeing that when I forget that death is real and not as far from me as I would like to believe, I am led down that destructive path of misery because of my pride.

Lord, help me to keep ETERNITY in mind. Remind me through the mundane and the unexpectant that my life is but a breath. That I will stand before God one day not too far off. That You care about souls.

It's funny because in a previous post I shared how I've been WANTING a fence and we've been leaning in the direction of desiring one of those privacy fences. Well, just yesterday I was out in the backyard with the kiddos and their "nused" (new used) outdoor toy when a neighbor was peddling by and stopped to chat with me for a good 40 minutes.

And here are the kiddos playing outside:

William reminded me that I would not have had that conversation with a 6 ft privacy fence surrounding us. What exactly are we truly desiring when we say we want a privacy fence? And so our views are beginning to change (once again!) as we open our hands and say, "Lord, Your will be done."

Oh Lord, though death is not the end, eternity is sure to follow. Thank you that I know exactly where I will be for eternity. May death be continually in my view so that my compassion for souls lost grows. May death be continually in my view so that I see accurately and am compelled to act as You direct.

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