Friday, February 08, 2008

A Good Day

Today is what I call a "good day." Basically, that's how I reply to William when he asks, "So, how'd your day go?"

It's a good day because...

~ I haven't spilled bleach on my clothes (yet)

~ I haven't burned any food (yet)

~ I haven't sat in someone else's urine (yet)

~ I had great coffee (which I woke up to - thanks to a new coffee pot!)

~ The kiddos and I had our Circle Time AND they did some mini lessons (pre-schoolish stuff)

~ Kadin had a solid morning nap

~ I have high hopes of relaxing my hair during the afternoon nap / video time (now changed to high hopes of showering during naptime - see update below)

~ I know what we're having for dinner (for the most part)

~ I haven't had to clean up any pee pee accidents yet (potty training for Saraina is in full swing and here she is below after going potty!)

~ The Lord was kind to to give me ample time with Him for my QT

~ The milk in the fridge in the garage didn't freeze over night

~ I'm being fairly consistent in my training / discipling of the kiddos (so far)

~ The kiddos and I have enjoyed singing loudly and off key together various worship songs

~ There's been no blood-accidents (yet)

~ And all the beds are made

~ Nothing has broken (yet)

~ And no vomit (yet)

And it's already 1 pm. Only 30 minutes to go till the coveted afternoon naptime.

Lord, I know that I wrongly and sinfully allow my circumstances to determine my happiness all too often. Forgive how quick I am to desire applause for these gifts fo grace you bring my way. I know that these "good days" have nothing to do with how good I am but only reflect how KIND, MERCIFUL, and LOVING you, my heavenly Father are to me.

Whether the rest of the day or tomorrow is "good" or not, I want to sing your praises with a thankful heart that knows how good it is to be loved by you. YOU ARE GOOD! Help me to manage this home in way that brings you much glory. Give me much wisdom to know how to tackle the tasks ahead of me (grocery shopping / planning, laundry, scheduling, home maintenance, my hair, and more). You are so wonderful!

UPDATE: (2 pm)

Upon returning downstairs after putting Saraina and Kadin down for their afternoon naps I found Joshua like this:

Can you see the large wet spot on the front of his pants?

My interrogation with him was like this:

Mama: Are you wet?
Joshua: No.
Mama: Joshua, are you wet? (very slow and deliberate)
Joshua: No, I not wet.

I go and get the camera to snap the picture above. The intergogation continues:

Mama: Joshua, are you lying to Mommy?

Joshua: Yes.

Mama: Didn't I just ask you if you had to go potty?

Joshua: Yes.

Mama: So you wanted to play more than you wanted to obey?

Joshua: Yes.

A few minutes later...

Joshua: I sorry Mommy. Will you forgive me?

Oh Lord! It is still a good day for You and Your truth have not changed!

By the way, sorry for the crazy spacing issues! Blogger always does that to me and it takes more energy sometimes to fix it than it should.

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andrea_jennine said...

Oh my! I'm glad to hear you're having a (mostly) good day. I was listening to a sermon this morning that mentioned how we thank God for our circumstances, but we worship God despite our circumstances. I commend you for doing both! I've been praying for you this week...