Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Digging Deeper

I'm good at coming up with corny phrases and songs. And my themes for each new year seem to be just as corny. So my focus and theme for 2008 is DIGGING DEEPER. Themes just have a way of getting me pumped.

The Lord has been faithful to show me the many ways I have not been digging deeper in my walk with Him which seem to overflow to other areas. It's almost as if I've become accustomed to and okay with mediocrity in many areas of my life.

And I am NOT okay with that.

God has called me to live a certain way for His glory.

And in this subtle slip into mediocrity I've become distant and only dealt with surface-level things.

Enter DIGGING DEEPER. I want MORE! I want to GROW! I want to be ZEALOUS for what is good! I am THIRSTY!

I like my theme Digging Deeper because with it comes a picture for me. I've never gotten into gardening but it looks like it involves a big mess, a lot of work, and much patience and watchful care. But after time buds of hope appear. Fruit and vegetables sprout. But then again so do the weeds. More work, effort. But, oh the benefits! The harvest can be so bountiful.

So here are my next steps...

- During my QTs, I'm going to focus on the Book of Ephesians (since I finally finished my 90 Days in the Bible in 8+ months!). In fact, William and I are attempting to memorize Ephesians chapter 4. But I also see a need to first be still before God before even opening my journal or Bible. I've been doing this for the last couple of days and it has been humbling to recount the story or my salvation and even recount how kind God is in granting me another day of life!

- In my "teaching" and training of the kiddos, I'm trying to be more consistent and deliberate with joy. They're still memorizing Scripture but I'm now focusing on Scripture that will help "provide a way out" for areas we've identified as temptations for them and common sin patterns (whining/complaining, being kind to others, honoring Daddy & Mommy with their words and actions, etc.). And the biggest change is me going over these things constantly, like during our Circle Time, at lunchtime, and even when changing diapers or cleaning up "accidents" - all with joy.

- Worship all day. That might seem ridiculous to list but I have seen such a change in my heart AND in the kiddos when we worship the Lord throughout the day. The kids, though having arguments and being selfish in their play will stop and sway to the music and join in on the chorus of many songs. And for me, there's nothing better to help me see my need for my Savior than singing songs that recount who He is and why He is worthy of all I am and have and more. So, practically that means during my challenging times (before lunch and dinner) to play music that feeds my soul. And for those extra challenging times (during lunch and dinner when William's not home) to recite Scripture with them.

That's it. Those are my next three steps to grow and deepen in my walk with my Lord. I recognize that I can only do this as I am dependent on Christ alone. And I am excited to see what these next few weeks and months will reveal as I do well and poorly at sticking to this plan. I expect moments of failure and moments of success but it doesn't change my standing before my loving Father. And I even expect to alter this plan if necessary.

So, whatever you're facing today, may you "walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called" for the "one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all."


Cara said...

Amen, Kia. I am right there with you in much of what you describe, both the failure and mediocrity and the resolve to grow in grace. God help us! Thanks for your always-provoking example of careful thought and investment in your walk with the Lord.

andrea_jennine said...

How encouraging, Kia! I am confident that the Lord will give you grace to keep digging deeper!

Katie said...

Excited to see the fruit that the Lord reaps from this new sowing that you're committed to!