Saturday, January 12, 2008

What We Do For Fun

People always ask us what we do for fun. We never really know how to answer that. Generally we say we like to eat. But now I can tell you just what we Whitneys do for fun.


We buy things in bulk and then store them.

And we mean it. See for yourselves what we just got. (We got to work after celebrating Kadin's first birthday and putting the kids down for a nap. Blog entry on that ofrthcoming from my wife.)

Oh- if the font is too small, it reads 105 ounces of tomato sauce. We figure it should last us a month. And at only $1.99, that is a super savings!

Thing is, it doesn't seem that large anymore. I'm wanting bulk which requires delivery to us on a flatbed. And then we'd need a shovel to get the food out of the container.

We need something bigger to conquer. Bonafide bulk. For cafeterias, army mess halls. We need to get it directly from the producer. Forget about messing around with the distributor. Costco has become tame. Any challenge it ever had is gone.

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