Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Drummer Boy Turns ONE

Dear Kadin David,

All we can do is giggle when we think of you! What a precious, wild boy you are! Truly, you are not lacking in the personality department.

But this letter is to wish you a happy, happy FIRST BIRTHDAY, little guy! Yes, you're finally able to face forward in your car seat and ride in style! You are getting so big so quickly!!!!

Thinking back a year ago when you BURST into the world, our lives have been all the richer and are so much sweeter. Your infectious smile and hearty laugh combined with your love of cuddling in our arms makes us know the Savior's love more.

There are so many things we adore about you, kiddo. Oooo, we just have to list a few!

We love how red your cheeks get when you wake up from your naps.

We love your ability to drum with and without sticks, standing or sitting. We hope to capitalize on that one day!

We love how aggressive you get when playing.

We love your wild curls which have a life all their own and seem to hide oatmeal so well.

We love how you move your upper body and shake your head as you dance.

We love how you are so content playing or just chillin' by your self. It's so neat to go into your room to see you just hanging out in your crib smiling!

You are so unique yet also so like your older brother and sister.

And like them, our greatest desire is for you is to know the love and peace of God which passes all understanding. We pray for your salvation "for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved."

Happy First Birthday, Little Little!

~Papa and Mama

Oh- and here's a little video for those who want to see how Kadin reacted to his cake.

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