Monday, January 07, 2008

Miracles to Remember

It has been a while since I've blogged. As a result, there is much to catch up on. But I must first share two miracles.

Of all the big things that happened in 2007, having a restored relationship with my mom has got to be the highlight I most doubted God could or would change. There's so much I could write about this but it's just too private and too intricate for me to quickly find the words. Suffice it to say, God truly is in the miracle business!

Speaking of God's power, we received our November gas bill in December and swallowed hard as we dropped the temperature down a couple of degrees. We revisited our newly constructed 2008 budget plan and made some other hard calls to make things work. I was full of faith for the changes and really knew it was possible.

Then last week William opened up our December gas bill and we were shocked to see it DOUBLE. I guess those days of hitting 3 and then 0 degrees really caused this ole house to pump! So, we went back to the thermostat and dropped it down again as we zipped up our jackets and slipped on our slippers. What was tough was looking at the numbers on our budget spreadsheet though. How were we going to trim things down again? Those miscellaneous items like cards, birthdays, and Christmas were already virtually non-existent. We both started looking at Saraina and saying to ourselves, "She's going to have to be potty-trained!"

But, we laughed. We can so recall lean times in the not-so-distant past and marvel at how God provides. Did you catch that? GOD provided it. It was NOTHING we had done! We have NEVER gone in true NEED. So, what was going to happen this round?

Given God's faithfulness to us in the past and His sovereignty in allowing us at church to be going through s series now on prayer, we simply took our requests to the only One who could make a way where there is none! I remember asking the Lord to help me make wise choices shopping this month as the grocery budget is really the only negotiable area. Indeed I worked the numbers and asked Him to help me cut back by a specific (yet pretty much unrealistic in my mind) amount, $181. But I knew I could only do it if He would grant me the ability to see His leading and prompting.

Well, literally, it has only been a matter of days since this whole thing has happened and God has worked another miracle. Last night William and I chatted about praying and asking God to meet our shortfall and just this morning He has provided!

Ed the mailman rang the bell this morning and had a certified envelope to deliver that I needed to sign. I looked at the address and name and wondered what it was. I called William and told him about it and asked if I could open it. So, while he was still on the phone I opened it and found FIVE American Express gift cards in the amount of $100 each with a handwritten note to William from a former community board president. He and the board wanted to thank William for his effort and counsel!

The kids were watching a TV show at the time and all I could do after getting off the phone is fall down on my knees next to the computer chair and give praise to the God of all, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the God who died for my sins, who is the Giver of life, who can do anything, has yet again poured out His mercy on us. Talk about strengthening my faith!

God truly is a Father who loves giving things to His children and meeting their needs as we recognize our utter dependence on Him! Mmmmm, How good it is to be loved by You!


Cara said...

That's incredible, you guys. How great is our God! Thanks for sharing and helping to build my faith.

andrea_jennine said...

Wow; praise God!

michelle said...

thanks kia for this post... it so built my faith.