Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Miracle of Life

Introducing our growing Whitney Kiddo #4...

We found out on New Year's Eve that we're expecting ONE baby in July. While we were REALLY excited about twins, we're also quite relieved. God's sovereignty truly is GOOD. William was a bit bummed because he was all pumped to blog an entry titled, "Deuces Wild."

We also found out the my three fibroids are still thriving, enjoying the ride as well. The largest one is about 2x2 inches right now so hopefully they'll stay small and stay out the way! Perhaps we should finally name them since they've been around for so long and have lived so closely with each kiddo! Any suggestions?

One area we'd appreciate your prayers though is my midwife has asked me to see a high risk doctor. Seems the combo of my fibroids, how quickly the last 2 kiddos arrived, and my tendency to hemorrhage after the births makes me a candidate. Hopefully it'll just be a simple consultation visit though and nothing more.

Anyway, my official due date was moved up from July 17th to July 12th. That helps a bit seeing how I look like I'm already six months pregnant! That was one reason we felt we were having twins. Between my enormous belly, being WAY more nauseous, my constant exhaustion, and back pain, this sure is a different pregnancy. I mean I've gotten ill simply taking my prenatal vitamin which is VERY STRANGE for me! Truth be told, I still want the 20-week ultrasound to confirm that there's only ONE inside! Techs do make mistakes!

But, come July we hope to hold our newest Whitney Kiddo in our arms and welcome him or her to our family. No matter how much work, how much exhaustion, how much pain is involved, we wouldn't dream of having our lives without any of them. Even Joshua and Saraina talk about the "baby in Mommy's belly" coming out one day.

Oh- when we went for our ultrasound we took the whole clan and it was so sweet to have them look and talk about the picture of the baby. Of course, Joshua was VERY concerned about the color and how dark the picture was. I think he thought the baby was going to literally look like that!

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