Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Allergies and Doctors

Currently I'm working through some anger.

This afternoon, in celebration of the RAST (radioallergosorbent - a blood test for allergies) results for Joshua and Kadin which read as Joshua and Kadin being virtually allergy-free in regard to peanuts, the kiddos all ate peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Ooooo happy day!

Yesterday we got the call from the allergist's office telling us that Kadin's RAST came back with the numbers 0.10 for both peanut and egg *(even though he tested postive for an egg allergy in the office during the skin test) and Joshua's RAST for peanuts was 0.10 and for egg was 0.35. The nurse explained that the boys were virtually not allergic to peanuts as the results showed no allergy. I got off the phone and explained the news to Joshua and we clapped and thanked God for this blessing. I was all set to pick up their Epi-pens but decided to wait for the results. Again, another reason to praise God! I get to save $$ by not getting that prescription!

So, fast forward to lunchtime today. Peanut butter sandwiches all around. Kiddos are happy and everyone ate without too much encouragement. They were digging the peanut butter! But, Joshua finished his lunch and was ready to get down when I glanced over and wondered if I was seeing hives on his cheeks. Well, yes! He had a reaction to the peanut butter. I gave him some Benadryl and within 25 minutes the hives and ichiness were almost gone.

Here's a quick pic of Joshua before the hives went away.

I called the allergist and explained my concern. No one explained how prevalent false negative results are. No one explained that you can have a postive skin test and negative RAST and still be allergic. When the nurse called me back after consulting with the doctor she said the doctor said I can bring Joshua in for a skin test and I almost laughed. Why on earth would I bring him in to see you AGAIN (after the doctor would not give him a skin test last week!) when he just had his own skin test less than an hour ago in our dining room? What would your test show that I don't know? The answer... NOTHING.


So... the allergist tells me to keep all things with peanuts away from Joshua (DUHHH!) and to not give Kadin OR Joshua anything made with eggs (bread, pasta, cake, waffles, etc.). I'm scratching my head in amazement. What a racket! I should've just done what William and I talked about... administering our own "home test" to both Joshua and Kadin. It certainly would not have cost us $40 in co-pays!

Would you pray for the boys and my heart in this situation. Granted, it is NOT a big deal in the big picture. God is way bigger than a food allergy! But, my heart is definitely being squeezed. Joshua has lived 3 years without eggs and peanuts (minus the few Daddy slipped him in a Kudos bar and a few other instances like that!) and he can continue till the Lord says he can do otherwise. But I need more faith. And poor Saraiana-bug can't eat those things either since they "share" food at times.

It is so typical of me to think that everything revolves around and depends on me. I get news like this and feel the weight of maintaining the food budget, having variety in the kids' meals, and get weary in thinking about the logistics in making it all work.

But my Savior knows my sinful tendencies. And He welcomes me to rest in His arms. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go take a nap and rest in His sovereignty.

Uuuuggghhh. Nope. Someone just woke up from their nap! I'll go and rest washing dishes instead!

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Sarah K said...


I understand your frustration! I cannot believe the doctors were so unclear about how to respond to the test results. I remember feeling the same way--wanting to just do an at-home test--when they had us come in and give Cannon small amounts of milk and soy and watch him for hours in their office. fun fun. But I guess if you do it at home, you run the risk of a serious reaction that would be harder to treat at home...but in your case, they ran that risk FOR you by letting you go ahead and try the peanuts! My goodness...but it is a blessing that Joshua's reaction wasn't any worse...

I was wondering: have you ever baked with Egg Replacer? Or tried the Cherrybrook Kitchens cake and frosting mixes? (You can buy the mixes at Meijer; Egg Replacer is at health food stores...I'm not sure if it's at Meijer or elsewhere...) You probably already know all this as you have been dealing with allergies a lot longer than I have, but I thought I would just check. I am gradually finding more and more things I can make (pancakes, for instance--oh, and there's a yummy brownie mix at Meijer, also, that turns out deliciously with the Egg Replacer) so maybe we can share ideas with each other!

I am praying for you this evening, that God will keep you aware that he has ordained these circumstances for good in our children's lives AND in ours. I know how overwhelming it feels!

Sarah Kinnard