Thursday, January 10, 2008

All Mine

The other day we were playing outside enjoying the mild weather. Kadin is finally able to enjoy being outside using a push toy although he is FAST and DANGEROUS as he steers straight toward the road.

Anyway, I was helping to keep Kadin safe when a car decides to do a u-turn in our driveway, where we were playing. I thought some unkind thoughts and tried to extend grace when I noticed they were not moving from our driveway.

I glanced over to get a look at the car and occupants when I noticed they were motioning to me. So, I assume they are lost and need directions and grab Kadin and walk over to them. The lady in the driver's seat yells, "You babysit?"

Now, I was not expecting that!

I awkwardly and with a confused look said, "My kids?" I wasn't getting that she was looking for childcare.

She then looks at the kiddos and then back at me and says, "You mean they're all your kids? Oh!"

Lord, it doesn't feel like I have "a lot" of kids and I still struggle with people's comments regarding "how many" we have or want to have but I thank You that YES they are all mine. And we trust Your perfect plan to provide all the children You have for us to raise, both those you've allowed me to carry in my womb and those we hope You'll provide though adoption. Help me to live for Your glory alone as I am (thankfully) all Yours!

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