Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Christmas 2007

The star is above the stable on our Advent Calendar signifying it is completed. The chain link is gone. Christmas cards, letters, and pictures line our door frames. And we are still in awe!

Our Christmas 2007 was critical for us. We were able to establish what Christmas means for our little family and keep the emphasis solely on the gift of Christ. I don't think William and I really realized what an important foundation we would be laying. But it was!

Our kiddos are so different this year than last year! The level of involvement and information they desire is incredible! Christmas for our kiddos and us is about Jesus, God's Son, coming to earth as a baby to save us from our sins. So, from baking cookies to seeing Santa all around to opening tons of presents to eating cake, we were able to bring it back to Jesus providing the most perfect gift! That's hard to do nowadays!

So, we thank God for allowing us to focus on Him and point our kiddos to Him, especially during this season when it can get a bit confusing as to why we do certain things we do.

And if you happen to be one of those people hurt by us making the decision we did, know it was not to hurt you but solely to bring glory to Christ by submitting to His perfect will for us.

Below are some pictures from our special day and a video clip of our loud worship time.

All for His glory,

Saraina and Joshua were very excited about the birthday cake for Jesus. And here is Saraina eating her piece of cake and "ice cream cone." She for some reason always calls ice cream "ice cream cone." It is similar to when she says "thank you" for something as she always adds the "you're welcome" too.
Here's Joshua saying "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"
Kadin didn't get any cake but he was satisfied with his cracker.

And because I don't often get good pictures of my Saraina-bug, here's one.

Kadin's new walking toy was a big hit. Saraina already can sing the tunes it plays.
The parking garage they received was a big hit for Joshua and Saraina. I wasn't expecting her to be so excited about it. We had to move it to higher ground though as Kadin could easily destroy it.
Kadin enjoying a car from the parking garage.
Kadin enjoying Daddy leading us in a time of worship on Christmas night before bedtime.
In this video clip of our Christmas worship time you'll get a glimpse of our family worship times. They are always memorable, unpredictable, and loud!

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michelle said...

hi whitneys!! LOVED the video- so funny and cute! we miss you guys.

decals (jon, michelle, ky and caden- i think our boys have the same name but different spelling!)