Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Fat Lip

Can I please get some sympathy? Last night I was riding my big firetruck (Drefkos, that firetruck became extra cool to me when I realized it would hold my weight AND go fast!) when I had a major accident on the freeway (aka the hardwood floor from the foyer to the office). Mommy wasn't too concerned when she heard my crash. I mean, I crash all the time. Plus, she was trying to feed the ever-protesting-his-dinner Kadin some veggies.
Anyway, I went running to her with blood flowing all over my hands. Thankfully this was one of those no-shower-till-Daddy-gets-home days so she wasn't too concerned about blood getting all over her clothes. She remained calm or at least hid her concern well. I did overhear her on the phone telling Daddy and she whispered something about not needing stitches. But I don't know what those are so that could be good or bad.
But I was excited to show the world my wound. Here it is... (how it looked last night) Oh, and feel free to send get well cards care of my folks.

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merrills said...

You look precious even with a fat lip buddy! We love and miss you! And Silas is very proud of your battle wound.