Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Joshua, Joshua, Joshua

Joshua Caleb celebrated his 3rd bday right after Thanksgiving. It's so funny that he's finally three as for months people have been asking how old he is and wondering if he were older. My common response has been, "No, he's not even three yet." So much for that!

Joshua remains slim but TIGHT! Lil guy has a Tomlinson body, no doubt. He's got a decent arm, is agile, and is pretty good at following instructions. He folds laundry (wash cloths, his undershirts, shirts, and pants), is at the beginning stages of helping rinse the dishes (because he wants to help me do EVERYTHING), and tries his best at sweeping. His personality is fairly anal so when he does something, he works to do it to HIS standard or balks, "No, too hard! Maybe one day Joshua do it."

Some of his faves right now would be anything that has to do with David in the Bible, reading the account of Jesus on the Cross (from His arrest to the tomb being empty - and he knows it!), the Action Bible Songs DVD, Soy Butter and Jam sandwiches, Oatmeal Raisin granola bars, his baseball glove, bat and ball, Christmas decorations, CandyLand, and doing anything with his Sissy or Kadin.

No doubt! Saraina must be his BFF! Here she is...

To help you understand just how special Joshua is in our eyes, we've been battling his bad attitude at dinnertime. For weeks now I've noticed his crabbiness at dinner. He consistently says he's tired, he needs help, he doesn't want to eat, or he's done when he hasn't barely eaten a thing.

I've been ignoring this pattern. (That's another blog!) Finally, William got some Krispy Kreme donuts that Joshua had been eyeballing. All day he'd ask me about "the donuts" and I told him he'd be able to have a treat after dinner. Well, I even caved in a gave J and S a third of a donut after they ate their lunch since they had done just a good job.

But dinnertime came and the usual took place. Whine, whine, complain, grumble. Joshua quickly told me he was finished eating. Saraina on the other hand cleared her bowl of rice and black beans and veggies. I kept reminding and questioning Joshua about his behavior, realizing what God Himself was calling me to - to be faithful to Him. William called and I explained the situation to him telling him I knew the right thing to do was to NOT allow Joshua to have a donut but how hard that would be. I knew I'd have to deal with the crying and tantrum and I'd feel horrible. But I couldn't shake the Holy Spirit's prompting.

Joshua, when he finished his meal and although he had in fact finished it, was told he would not receive a treat. I told him that his complaining, whining, and grumbling were not pleasing to the Lord. In fact, his attitude communicated to God that he was not thankful for the food He provided. I talked with him about wanting the donut more than wanting to please God. We talked about temporary pleasures and who his real help was.

I tell this story so that one day Joshua might look back and see evidence of his sinful nature at work and know that his Mommy loved him too much to give him whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it. No, God disciplines us because He loves us and I want him to know that his Daddy and I do the same thing because we love him.

And, the night ended with Joshua coming up to me in tears telling me he wanted to pray and that he wants to obey. He got a banana and some crackers and enjoyed them and seemed thankful for them. Ohhhh, how I love this little boy. Ohhhh, how I see my own struggle with sin by watching him! I wonder if I'll always think of this and examine my heart as I reach for a warm, hot Krispy Kreme donut?

Joshua Caleb,

You are such a blessing to me, son! Your dark, long and curly lashes highlighting those wonderfully dark eyes... I look at you and it seems so easy to see what you will look like as a young man. You are so handsome!

But, that's not the highlight for me. I love how God made you so unique and creative and sure of what you like. You are a natural leader. That is a gift not every one has. May you use that gift to bring God much glory.

I love how you always ask about your "Sissy" and correct anyone who calls Kadin by any other name but 'Kadin.' I love how you wake up early and are always excited about the new day. I love how you love being clean and selecting your clothes and getting dressed by yourself (since you were really little!). I love how you want to help me with whatever I'm doing and love talking to me as I do it. You have such the gift of gab! Your questions tickle me as do the faces you make when you ask them. You get such delight in things I so quickly can take for granted! Thank for your desire to share everything on your mind with me! How that communicates love to yo' Mama!

And I love how you are not too big for hugs and kisses! In fact, just a few night ago you called out to your Daddy as he was leaving the room after putting you guys in bed and you said to him, "Daddy, I have a kiss please?" Ooooooo! We adore you, son!

And what we long for more than anything is the day you see your sin for what it is and receive the gift of salvation from the only One who can save you, Jesus Christ. 'Cause it's not about how well-behaved you can be or how much you can obey. You already know and see just how impossible it is to obey without the help of the Holy Spirit! May you be used in a MIGHTY way to save those who are lost in this world, without hope and without God.

Love you, big boy!


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