Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Advent 2007 - Week One in progress

We are celebrating Advent for the first time in our home. What an exciting time this is as we are learning with our kiddos about this precious season and preparing ourselves for Christmas.
You may know lots about Advent but this is all new to me.

Advent means coming and there are THREE comings it refers to:

~ Jesus coming to the world as a baby with the ultimate purpose to save sinners (like me and you)

~ Jesus coming into our hearts, when we recognize and confess our sin and ask Him to be Lord of our life

~ Jesus' second coming, for believers have much to anticipate and prepare for

So this first week of Advent has been good. Mind you, our kids are 3, 2, and 10.5 months, we're doing a chain link, helping them see that with each passing day we get closer to Christmas Day. (You know, each day we take off a link so it keeps getting shorter and shorter.) And we've got this Advent calendar (by the way, Seanna, that was such a thoughtful gift!) and every morning the kids find the star which tells what day of Advent it is and behind it is a special word of the day. So far we've had: peace, king, light, and sin. During Circle Time we read various passages that focus on the word of the day and talk about what they mean. We then made ornaments (don't be surprised if you end up with one grandparents!). They really had a good time!

For more information on Advent, check out THIS. There are tons of links from there. She also has a link to an Elisabeth Elliot transcript on Preparing for Christmas which I found very helpful. (If you want a copy, email me or post a comment and I'll email it to you.)
Anyway, to those that are celebrating Advent, I'd love to hear some special things you do for this special time of the year. What has worked? What has not worked? What's a special memory you have of it? Please post a comment and share!

And to those of you who do not celebrate Advent, it's not too late. Why not start today?

Thankful for His grace,

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