Thursday, November 29, 2007

Welcome to Mama's Mind

Blogging has really been different these last couple of months. To be honest, a LOT has been different these last few months!

So, for the Whitney Kiddos Archive, here's what's on Mama's Mind (in no particular order):

~ packing for our trip east

~ William's at his fourth night meeting of the week right now

~ I'm a great sinner but I know the GREAT Savior

~ blogging Joshua's 3rd bday

~ completing our Advent Adventure and make it portable (i.e. for our trip east)

~ adding to Circle Time

~ getting more sleep

~ lonliness and isolation

~ keeping Joshua "busy" when the others are taking a nap

~ my relationship with my Mom - restored!

~ I must not want a good desire more than I want Jesus

~ helping the homeless in our city

~ mopping the floor

~ Kadin at bedtime and how he stares into my eyes as if life doesn't get much better

~ Joshua's top 3: reading the Bible, going outside, & playing CandyLand

~ Saraina carrying her orange pocket New Testament around saying, "Read Bible." She even sleeps with it!

~ Reading the Bible in 90... no 175 (and counting!) days

~ That Day! When I'll finally be freed from my sin!!!! Come, Lord Jesus! COME!!!

~ Randy Alcorn's blogs

~ the CD "Savior" by Sovereign Grace

~ the realization that Kadin will be ONE in January and I never scrapbooked his birth

~ one day my kiddos might read these blogs as adults

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Kiddos, when you read this one day as adults, my hope is that each of you will fall more in love with the Savior as you see how incredibly good the Lord is as evidenced in His choosing, cleansing, and claiming me, your Mama, as His own. Live for Him, kids! Be desperate for Him. Don't allow anything to keep you from giving Him the praise that He alone deserves.

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andrea_jennine said...

Just wanted to say that you are not alone, even when you feel like it.

I like the random thoughts format; I might have to give it a try!