Friday, November 16, 2007

Two 2-Year Olds & a 10-Month Old

This time of the year is always exciting for us. November finds us celebrating Saraina's birthday (2 on the 5th), our anniversary (6 years on the 17th), and then Joshua's birthday (3 on the 24th). William and I get a kick out of having Joshua and Saraina the same age for those 19 days! And, of course, we always have Thanksgiving to look forward to as well. This year we're hosting our first Thanksgiving in our big ole house. God has been very kind!

After those exciting events we are getting closer to our big trip east and... celebrating our Savior's birth! Before those things come, enjoy these few pics and flicks of our two 2-year olds and our 10-month old...

Kadin. Little K is a good guy. He is easily amused. LOVES watching and playing with his big bro and sis. And is moving EVERYWHERE! His dark eyes, animated smile, and the way he sways his torso to music are so specific to him. We love it. And we sure could imagine life without him. What a gift from God he is!
Joshua and Saraina are the reason I could never regret having kids close in age. They have a BALL together playing (and fighting!). Recently we've gotten into building with blocks and they really have a grand time playing alongside one another.

In this video below, Saraina is singing "I'm a Little Teapot." I adore her sweet voice and how she will break out into song at any time! It's especially sweet to me since I remember being little and singing the same song and loving the attention I got. Good memories. Oh, and sorry it's so dark.

In this next video you'll find Mr. Kadin eating. Nothing special, I guess, but I love it! You will see his incredible smile over and over!

Finally, this video is of Joshua and Kadin playing like brothers. Clearly, they like horseplay!!

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