Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today is our SIXTH anniversary.

We are looking forward to watching our wedding video and going through our wedding album / scrapbook while eating some hot dessert with vanilla ice cream.

Oh- and in honor of our SIXTH anniversary we thought we'd share with you that we will be a FAMILY OF SIX sometime next summer, Lord-willing.

Yes, we're expecting our FOURTH child! Or so we think. We haven't taken a test. What we mean is we tried to take a test but it was a dud. The control didn't work. Anyway, we're pretty certain. And we're pretty excited!!!!

Early on in our marriage, we felt the Lord calling us to have a big family. We're hopeful the Lord will one day provide a way for us to adopt as well. The world thinks we're crazy. But think about it. It's really just in the last fifty years or so that people started purposely only having 1 or 2 kids. And, I've never met someone from a large family that regretted it.
Anyway, we thought we'd share the news with you now (though early and not yet confirmed by a physican) as we know that every life is a MIRACLE and a GIFT from God of which we are not worthy. Please be praying for us.
~william and kia


Katie said...

Congratulations, Whitney fam! What a generous God to have given you yet another sweet gift to cherish and raise for His glory. We shall be prayin' for ya. :)

Elisabeth Johnson said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting!

andrea_jennine said...

Happy anniversary, and congrats on the news!

Renee said...

I've been waiting to hear news about Baby #4! I had a feeling it was coming.....

I love you guys!