Friday, November 09, 2007

Saraina's 2nd Birthday

Though her birthday is November 5th, we celebrated our Ladybug's second birthday a week early since we had lots of family in town.

We were excited to have Grandad, Grammy, Uncle Freeman, Aunt Jenny AND... Granny from NJ with us! What a WONDERFUL treat!

Here are a few pictures of the celebration.

Dear Sweet Saraina-bug,

I remember the day you were born and how shocked I was that you were a girl! Everything about you screamed girl. Your fingers were so dainty and delicate. Your hair was long, curly, thick and dark. And you had some lungs on you! In fact, we called you Lady Lungs for the first few months of your life, if I remember correctly.

And today you are even more precious to me as now I have had time to hold you, learn about you, and enjoy you. I'm amazed at how quickly you learn! It's incredible what she can do at only 2 years of age! You are indeed a quick study and are ever watching your big brother ready to glean any new tricks when you can.

I love how you walk around singing, "Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so!"

I love how you look at us with those dark, piercing eyes and a smile that melts our hearts!

I love how you have a love of books, especially the Bible!

I love how quick you are to ask me to forgive you. Really what you say is: "Forgiva you, Mommy!"

Happy Birthday! May you come to see your need of the Savior early in life and my your Daddy and I do all we can to point you to Him!


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