Friday, November 30, 2007

Just Too Much

Alright. We know we won't hear the end of it from some of you out there but... we're cancelling our trip east.

Call us lame. Call us lazy. Call us fearful. We simply have recognized our limitations. Driving through the night with a 3 year old, 2-year old, and almost 11-month old, staying in four different locations within 8 nights, not including 2 nights sleeping/not-sleeping in the minivan, only to return with William having a night meeting that Monday, and not to mention the fact that we didn't budget for this trip in advance since we didn't anticipate it... not going to happen.

So, instead we're going to have some QUALITY family time during this Advent season. Did you know that Advent means coming? Well, we're excited to really prepare for the coming of Christ.

But, we are sad that we won't get to see and hug so many loved ones. Just this evening William was looking at our 2006 scrapbook with Joshua and Saraina before bed and Joshua was so cute pointing to "Leste" (his name for big cuz Celeste) and "V" (his name for his Auntie, my sister who I call Seve) and his forever pal Silas (he actually says his name the right way now!!!).

We trust the Lord will open up another opportunity (preferably in warmer weather!) one day soon. Rejoice with us as we wait for His perfect timing!

Thanks for understanding,
~w, k, j, s, & lil k


judi said...

Oh Whitneys, we are so sad (me to the point of tears almost!) as we miss you all so much. I don't blame you one bit though as we just came back from a long trip south. Traveling with small ones is DIFFICULT. We love you all and will look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future! Hugs to you!

Cara said...

Yeah, as far as I'm concerned you guys should be released with no qualms--and hopefully no nags from anyone out here. As much as we would have loved to see you, it sounds like you are making a very wise choice. And happy advent season!!! One of my two favorite times of the year!

Jerusha said...

We are sad we won't get to see but completely understand why you won't be coming. Much love to you and family!

Renee said...

I guess you'll just have to be content with seeing belly pictures instead of seeing the real thing! :) Of course I don't blame you for not coming, as Gene has also led me in seeing my limitations during this's humbling when you realize that you can't do as much as you used to! Happy Christmas to you all!

Seanna said...

Hey Girly,
It's okay! I was looking forward to seeing you guys, but Jen said that you weren't coming. It's hard to travel with the little kiddos. It gets easier. It was a fun evening and Erik was saying how Slickness wasn't there to lead worship. I was thinking of you and the cotton blowing game. I hate games, but had to participate. I was the last girl by luck. I was afraid my retainer might come out. Brian would have just laughed. Great to read your blog. Love you!