Friday, November 09, 2007

Granny Comes to Visit

How kind of the Lord to have our family come and visit us!
Here are some pictures from Granny from NJ visiting us.
We enjoyed a gorgeous Fall afternoon at the zoo that's about 2 miles away. You can't beat that! And it's FREE!!!
Here is a picture of Joshua with his hands on his hips, a new favorite pose of his. Unfortunately he has picked up on me doing that a little too much!

Joshua gave in and allowed Saraina to give him a hug in this picture. In the picture below it you can see Saraina trying to give him a hug! Silly kids!

Kadin loved the attention Granny showered on him. He also enjoyed Saraina's new doll stroller!

And, of course, Joshua got lots of Granny time since he doesn't go down for an afternoon nap all the time. Here he is with Granny reading a book.


Thanks for coming to visit. We will cherish that time we were able to spend together!

love, ~kia, william, and kiddos

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