Monday, November 12, 2007

Doin' the Dunk

William was baptized last night. It was a very special evening for us. Tab and Josh, our pastors, were the men to baptize him. In attendance we had Grammy, Joshua, Saraina, Kadin, me, and a good number of church members (some of the Wahrmans, the Dancas, the McRosties, and more!). It really was humbling to see so many people there to encourage and participate in such an important moment in his life.

Josh gave a brief message reminding us why we are to get baptized and what it means. His three points (if I remember them correctly!) were that baptism reminds us of 1) our deliverance, 2) our cleansing, and 3) our hope. Indeed it testifies to the power of the Gospel!

Here's some video of William sharing his testimony.

What was so special to us was the prayer time after he shared his testimony in front of everyone. It was time when various people could be led by the Spirit and share what God had laid on their heart. Josh shared an impression he had from the Lord about William growing and being used in greater way in regard to evangelism. I shared the verse about being "zealous for what is good" and encouraged him to keep being passionate. Grammy shared our marriage verse (Proverbs 3:5,6) and our verse for our parenting (Romans 1:16) reminding him of our commit share the Good News with others. Finally a friend, Danny, being led by the Spirit sang a prophetic song with the words, "Sing unto the Lord with joy," encouraging William all the more. Wow! What a memorable night!!!!

In this next video you can see the actual baptism.

God is so good!


andrea_jennine said...

It was a joy to celebrate with your family!

Katie said...

Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you all! It was a joy to watch the video and see your hubby testify to Christ's saving work in his life. And of course, I loved getting to see a video with my handsome husband in it. :)