Friday, November 30, 2007

Just Too Much

Alright. We know we won't hear the end of it from some of you out there but... we're cancelling our trip east.

Call us lame. Call us lazy. Call us fearful. We simply have recognized our limitations. Driving through the night with a 3 year old, 2-year old, and almost 11-month old, staying in four different locations within 8 nights, not including 2 nights sleeping/not-sleeping in the minivan, only to return with William having a night meeting that Monday, and not to mention the fact that we didn't budget for this trip in advance since we didn't anticipate it... not going to happen.

So, instead we're going to have some QUALITY family time during this Advent season. Did you know that Advent means coming? Well, we're excited to really prepare for the coming of Christ.

But, we are sad that we won't get to see and hug so many loved ones. Just this evening William was looking at our 2006 scrapbook with Joshua and Saraina before bed and Joshua was so cute pointing to "Leste" (his name for big cuz Celeste) and "V" (his name for his Auntie, my sister who I call Seve) and his forever pal Silas (he actually says his name the right way now!!!).

We trust the Lord will open up another opportunity (preferably in warmer weather!) one day soon. Rejoice with us as we wait for His perfect timing!

Thanks for understanding,
~w, k, j, s, & lil k

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Welcome to Mama's Mind

Blogging has really been different these last couple of months. To be honest, a LOT has been different these last few months!

So, for the Whitney Kiddos Archive, here's what's on Mama's Mind (in no particular order):

~ packing for our trip east

~ William's at his fourth night meeting of the week right now

~ I'm a great sinner but I know the GREAT Savior

~ blogging Joshua's 3rd bday

~ completing our Advent Adventure and make it portable (i.e. for our trip east)

~ adding to Circle Time

~ getting more sleep

~ lonliness and isolation

~ keeping Joshua "busy" when the others are taking a nap

~ my relationship with my Mom - restored!

~ I must not want a good desire more than I want Jesus

~ helping the homeless in our city

~ mopping the floor

~ Kadin at bedtime and how he stares into my eyes as if life doesn't get much better

~ Joshua's top 3: reading the Bible, going outside, & playing CandyLand

~ Saraina carrying her orange pocket New Testament around saying, "Read Bible." She even sleeps with it!

~ Reading the Bible in 90... no 175 (and counting!) days

~ That Day! When I'll finally be freed from my sin!!!! Come, Lord Jesus! COME!!!

~ Randy Alcorn's blogs

~ the CD "Savior" by Sovereign Grace

~ the realization that Kadin will be ONE in January and I never scrapbooked his birth

~ one day my kiddos might read these blogs as adults

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Kiddos, when you read this one day as adults, my hope is that each of you will fall more in love with the Savior as you see how incredibly good the Lord is as evidenced in His choosing, cleansing, and claiming me, your Mama, as His own. Live for Him, kids! Be desperate for Him. Don't allow anything to keep you from giving Him the praise that He alone deserves.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today is our SIXTH anniversary.

We are looking forward to watching our wedding video and going through our wedding album / scrapbook while eating some hot dessert with vanilla ice cream.

Oh- and in honor of our SIXTH anniversary we thought we'd share with you that we will be a FAMILY OF SIX sometime next summer, Lord-willing.

Yes, we're expecting our FOURTH child! Or so we think. We haven't taken a test. What we mean is we tried to take a test but it was a dud. The control didn't work. Anyway, we're pretty certain. And we're pretty excited!!!!

Early on in our marriage, we felt the Lord calling us to have a big family. We're hopeful the Lord will one day provide a way for us to adopt as well. The world thinks we're crazy. But think about it. It's really just in the last fifty years or so that people started purposely only having 1 or 2 kids. And, I've never met someone from a large family that regretted it.
Anyway, we thought we'd share the news with you now (though early and not yet confirmed by a physican) as we know that every life is a MIRACLE and a GIFT from God of which we are not worthy. Please be praying for us.
~william and kia

Friday, November 16, 2007

Two 2-Year Olds & a 10-Month Old

This time of the year is always exciting for us. November finds us celebrating Saraina's birthday (2 on the 5th), our anniversary (6 years on the 17th), and then Joshua's birthday (3 on the 24th). William and I get a kick out of having Joshua and Saraina the same age for those 19 days! And, of course, we always have Thanksgiving to look forward to as well. This year we're hosting our first Thanksgiving in our big ole house. God has been very kind!

After those exciting events we are getting closer to our big trip east and... celebrating our Savior's birth! Before those things come, enjoy these few pics and flicks of our two 2-year olds and our 10-month old...

Kadin. Little K is a good guy. He is easily amused. LOVES watching and playing with his big bro and sis. And is moving EVERYWHERE! His dark eyes, animated smile, and the way he sways his torso to music are so specific to him. We love it. And we sure could imagine life without him. What a gift from God he is!
Joshua and Saraina are the reason I could never regret having kids close in age. They have a BALL together playing (and fighting!). Recently we've gotten into building with blocks and they really have a grand time playing alongside one another.

In this video below, Saraina is singing "I'm a Little Teapot." I adore her sweet voice and how she will break out into song at any time! It's especially sweet to me since I remember being little and singing the same song and loving the attention I got. Good memories. Oh, and sorry it's so dark.

In this next video you'll find Mr. Kadin eating. Nothing special, I guess, but I love it! You will see his incredible smile over and over!

Finally, this video is of Joshua and Kadin playing like brothers. Clearly, they like horseplay!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Eternal Implications

"God will not judge me in light of whether I’ve followed conservativism or promoted Republicanism, but as to whether I have honored my Lord Jesus."
(from Randy Alcorn's November 13, 2007 Blog entry)

We thought we needed to share Randy Alcorn's latest blog entries with you. Please, check THIS and then THIS out. It really helped us see how our voting will have eternal implications. Yes, we will be held accountable one day for even how we vote!

Lord God,
May we use every opportunity You sovereignly give us to honor You. Help us to live our lives in light of eternity. Truly it is only by Your power that we can do anything good and pleasing in Your sight.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Doin' the Dunk

William was baptized last night. It was a very special evening for us. Tab and Josh, our pastors, were the men to baptize him. In attendance we had Grammy, Joshua, Saraina, Kadin, me, and a good number of church members (some of the Wahrmans, the Dancas, the McRosties, and more!). It really was humbling to see so many people there to encourage and participate in such an important moment in his life.

Josh gave a brief message reminding us why we are to get baptized and what it means. His three points (if I remember them correctly!) were that baptism reminds us of 1) our deliverance, 2) our cleansing, and 3) our hope. Indeed it testifies to the power of the Gospel!

Here's some video of William sharing his testimony.

What was so special to us was the prayer time after he shared his testimony in front of everyone. It was time when various people could be led by the Spirit and share what God had laid on their heart. Josh shared an impression he had from the Lord about William growing and being used in greater way in regard to evangelism. I shared the verse about being "zealous for what is good" and encouraged him to keep being passionate. Grammy shared our marriage verse (Proverbs 3:5,6) and our verse for our parenting (Romans 1:16) reminding him of our commit share the Good News with others. Finally a friend, Danny, being led by the Spirit sang a prophetic song with the words, "Sing unto the Lord with joy," encouraging William all the more. Wow! What a memorable night!!!!

In this next video you can see the actual baptism.

God is so good!

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Best Bang for My Buck

We had such success with buying the 25-pound bag of rice that last month we went ahead and got the 25-pound bag of flour! And now that I'm getting use to storing it, it's really not hard at all!

The flour also seems to be going a lot faster! With so much flour on hand I've given making things from scratch a hand. I've made pizza dough (click HERE for a great homemade pizza recipe), pie crust, biscuits, pancakes, and even play dough with our new purchase.

The pie crust I made tasted good but the pie was a bit weird-o looking. Here's what it looked like just before sticking into the oven. It's okay. Laugh! We did!
Oh- I also tried to make a pound cake. Nope. It looked great but it wasn't what I hoping it'd be. It was one of those not-sweet-enough-to-be-on-it's-own desserts.
If you've got other ideas of what I can do with my flour OR of what other items you recommend buying in bulk, let me know!

Meatless Potato Soup

I saw on a friend's blog a great recipe for Potato Soup. My problem was I didn't have any bacon on hand. But it sure made me hungry for some. So I looked at a few recipes online and tried the one below. It was delicious and looked great too when added a dash of paprika and shredded cheese before serving.

I don't know for sure how much it serves but we ate it two nights in a row (and most of y'all know how we eat!) and I froze the rest (which should be enough for two more servings).

Meatless Potato Soup


2 onions diced
6-8 potatoes, washed, peeled, and in big chunks
Butter (maybe 3-5 tablespoons)
2-5 cloves garlic, minced (I added 3)
Thyme (maybe a tablespoon)
Basil (maybe tablespoon and a half)
Oregano (maybe a tablespoon)

2 boullion cubes
¼ cup to ½ cup Shredded cheddar
¼ cup to ½ cup Parmesan cheese
4-6 cups water (enough to cover the potatoes)
2-2.5 cups milk
¼ flour
Salt & pepper

Optional Ingredients: (would suggest to add before adding water and cheeses if raw)
Leeks, Tomatoes, Carrots, Broccoli, etc.


Sauté onions in a little butter until they are very fragrant and browning. Add potato chunks and a bit more butter, if needed. Cook about 7 or so minutes and then add fresh garlic, thyme, basil, bouillon cubes, and oregano making sure to crush spices as you add them. Cook about 5 minutes more making sure potatoes are tender.

Add water and cheeses. Simmer till it’s almost time to serve.

About 10 minutes before you serve the soup, mix the milk and flour together until flour dissolves. Add flour mixture to soup and cook ~5-7 minutes till thickened.

Garnish with a dash of paprika and a bit more shredded cheese.

Granny Comes to Visit

How kind of the Lord to have our family come and visit us!
Here are some pictures from Granny from NJ visiting us.
We enjoyed a gorgeous Fall afternoon at the zoo that's about 2 miles away. You can't beat that! And it's FREE!!!
Here is a picture of Joshua with his hands on his hips, a new favorite pose of his. Unfortunately he has picked up on me doing that a little too much!

Joshua gave in and allowed Saraina to give him a hug in this picture. In the picture below it you can see Saraina trying to give him a hug! Silly kids!

Kadin loved the attention Granny showered on him. He also enjoyed Saraina's new doll stroller!

And, of course, Joshua got lots of Granny time since he doesn't go down for an afternoon nap all the time. Here he is with Granny reading a book.


Thanks for coming to visit. We will cherish that time we were able to spend together!

love, ~kia, william, and kiddos

Saraina's 2nd Birthday

Though her birthday is November 5th, we celebrated our Ladybug's second birthday a week early since we had lots of family in town.

We were excited to have Grandad, Grammy, Uncle Freeman, Aunt Jenny AND... Granny from NJ with us! What a WONDERFUL treat!

Here are a few pictures of the celebration.

Dear Sweet Saraina-bug,

I remember the day you were born and how shocked I was that you were a girl! Everything about you screamed girl. Your fingers were so dainty and delicate. Your hair was long, curly, thick and dark. And you had some lungs on you! In fact, we called you Lady Lungs for the first few months of your life, if I remember correctly.

And today you are even more precious to me as now I have had time to hold you, learn about you, and enjoy you. I'm amazed at how quickly you learn! It's incredible what she can do at only 2 years of age! You are indeed a quick study and are ever watching your big brother ready to glean any new tricks when you can.

I love how you walk around singing, "Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so!"

I love how you look at us with those dark, piercing eyes and a smile that melts our hearts!

I love how you have a love of books, especially the Bible!

I love how quick you are to ask me to forgive you. Really what you say is: "Forgiva you, Mommy!"

Happy Birthday! May you come to see your need of the Savior early in life and my your Daddy and I do all we can to point you to Him!