Friday, October 26, 2007

Two Belly Buttons?

Just this afternoon I was changing Saraina's diaper when Joshua pointed out Saraina's belly button. I say, "Yes, that's Saraina's belly button."

He then looks at my shirt and says what I think is, "Mommy has belly button too?" I reply, "Yes, Mommy has a belly button too."

Joshua then shakes his head and says, "No, Mommy has TWO belly button." Still, I'm slow and I don't get it.

He repeats, "Mommy has TWO... one, two belly button" and points to something a bit too high to be my belly button.

Aaaah! I get it! "No, Joshua, Mommy doesn't have two belly buttons. Those are not Mommy's belly buttons."

I then do an awkward and confusing job explaining what I mean.

Oh! I guess I better have a conversation with Papa Bear about some things this evening!

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